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How to get the most out of your next hair colour.

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Your hair colour appointment is booked now all you have to do is show up right? Well if you want that perfect hair colour first time every time, follow these simple tips and you will you be well on your way to shinier, brighter colour that lasts longer.

Clarify your hair.

Before you go trying to colour your hair make sure you clean off that product build up and clarify your hair! Clarifying shampoo does this nicely, use it before you apply dye to give a nice, clean surface to apply your color to, which will help your shade last longer.

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Mask your hair.

Hair can really take a beating during the colouring process, we recommend adding a moisturising hair mask to your routine the day before to hydrate and prepare your hair for the colouring process. And leave it in a little longer than is suggested just to make sure your hair really absorbs it!

Change your Shampoo.

After your hair colour appointment its time to stop using clarifying shampoo as this strips the hair. Switch to one made for colour treated hair. These shampoos are specially formulated to be soft on hair to keep your hair colour lasting longer.

Protect your hair.

Sun rays, salt water and chlorine can all have damaging affects to your hair. Sun and salt water can dull or turn your hair a brassy colour. Make sure to wear sun protection when you can to avoid this. Salt water especially can dry out your hair and in some cases give it a greenish tinge. If you're hopping in the pool or the ocean putting conditioner in your hair can keep the holes in the cuticle filled in, keeping salt or chlorine from soaking into your hair shaft.


If you do end up getting a little too much sun or salt on your hair, let's face it, it's easy to do in Byron Bay, book in for a moisturising hair treatment. This can help protect and revive your damaged hair. If you look after your hair it will look after you and keep that gorgeous colour a lot longer!

What is your must know tip for colouring hair? Let us know in the comments below!

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